Books, E-Books and CDs by Stephen Lewis

Scrap Metal Face
[book] [e-book]

This is a poetic portrait of a man who abandons everything in search of reason and passion.

Price: [book] / $15.96 | [e-book] / $8.00

Shutting Down the Baby Factory

Price: $5.50

Half of the Sea is Red

A collection of previously unreleased poetry by Cincinnati poet Stephen Lewis. This collection was compiled as a free download.

Price: Free

The Longest Tunnel Home

A Chapbook of four poems by Cincinnati poet Stephen Lewis. This ebook showcases a few selections from Stephen’s Up Coming Book “Scrap Metal Face” due late fall.

Price: Free

A Good Man Under the Bridge

The first collection of poetry by Cincinnati poet Stephen Lewis.

Price: $12.95

Also available at


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