Improvements on the site

Well, things have gotten better. All files are now hosted on dedicated, ad-free server space at,’s sister site. Also, flac versions have been added for many of the albums, and those albums have been re-encoded to 256kbps lame mp3 as well. Here is a list of the updated posts:

Randolf M Lewis – A Poison So Delicious
Jenseits – Sibiu 1933
BottleSmoker – Slo Mo Smile
011881 – 011881 | 02
fdama – Self-Referential Recapitulations [EP]
fdama – Snow-Covered Ghettoscapes Sessions II
fdama – 1981 [EP]
011881 – 011881
Wist – Wist, Thou
An Hokkaido Summer – An Hokkaido Summer [EP]
fdama – B-Sides And Rarities
she ruined everything – Eulogy For The Defeated
When You Fail – Et In Arcadia, Ego…
fdama – Making Waves At The Drowning Pond

Also, a list of resources is available on the about page. Hopefully you will find them useful.

And as well, you can now embed your favorite probablyworse albums on your MySpace or personal web site. The code is on each individual stream page, so you can just copy and paste it into your profile. As an example, here’s a link to the pinnö project – F43.9 [EP] stream /embed. Check out the others at

Feel free to contact me about the changes or whatever.



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