pw023: Jenseits – Sibiu 1933 – Lyrics / Notes


The philosophical slang
Adulated my vanity
Making me contemptuous

Then an interior perturbation
Called a halt to all this
And it ended ruining
All my projects

For hours and hours
I walked at night
In the desert streets
In the ones that
Lonely tarts hang out at.


from “the driller killer” again…


It’ll free you from slavery…

The Loner’s Resentment

Distrust the ones who turn their back on love
Distrust the ones who turn their back on ambition
Distrust the ones who turn their back on society

They will take revenge!
They’ll take revenge for having renounced…

The history of ideas
Is the history of the loner’s resentment.

Funeral March In The Morning

The times when at the wakening
I listened to a funeral march
And then crooned for all the day
Until, in the evening, consumed,
Transformed in a hymn.

Cioran’s Back To Sibiu (With Mixher)

Some problems
Isolate you in life
They even overkill you
Getting inside of them
Means having nothing to lose anymore
And nothing to gain

To be deeply serious
Is to be lost

Budapest (Budapest Eclipse)

Voices taken from the Italian version of “Judi Berlin”

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