pw019: Jenseits – Cioran II – Lyrics / Notes – English

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Emile Cioran

It means
Doing the void around yourself
Erasing reality
Considering the world just as a pretense

Around The Corner

It’s just around the corner

A. Ferrara’s “The Addiction” in the end of the song…

Another Day (The Cure)

Creature Remnants

(I relit the cigarette… what a shame…)
Potties, adolescents, wimps
Metaphysical menopauses
A creature remnant
A wild eyed puppet

My Anesthesia

Circulate, blood
Go through your flexible way
Customized for your running

Circulate, blood
Go through your flexible way
Blow up the temples and heart
Give me a good mood

Going On With Cowardly

I’m entering
Going on with cowardly
The innermost being of things

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