I can’t believe it

Someone has actually taken an interest in my music. I know, it’s fucking amazing. But, it also made me realize that this site still exists. And that it is sorely out of date. So update your bookmarks, all three of you. The new Canonical™ URL is:


Word is born!


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All audio files hosted on antlechrist.org. antlechrist.org is the sister site of probablyworse.com, and is home to ‘the Antlechrist Foundation, a non-profit NGO dedicated to Evil’ ( as screamed in the shrill, demonic voices of Unemployed Skeletor and Cobra Commander.)

We’re also rolling with
Creative Commons [by | nc | nd] 3.0.

Got a demo? Wish to start up a Committee of Correspondence?
Andrew: probablyworse[at]gmail.com
I’m also on Skype: e-mail me for details

Note: We rock the Ghetto CAPTCHA. If you are a Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial Biological Entity with some faculty of rational thought, we’d love to hear from you. If you are a computer or a spam-spewer, not so much. So, pass the Turing test by replacing [at] with the proper character. Thanks.

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